As every piece is bespoke, we do not carry stock items. Prices start at £3,250 + VAT for both tables and

planters, and is dependent upon size and finish etc.

Michael Flanagan, who is highly respected as a valuer for Contemporary Art and Sculpture within

Ireland, gave a gallery valuation which you can find under “ Valuation”. Galleries typically charge a

commission of anything between 35 – 60%, depending upon location and negotiation on the ex Vat

figure. In simple terms, on a piece in a gallery with an on wall price of £10,000, the artist might only

receive £3500 – 4000. If the artist sells at the lower figure privately, they are dropped by the gallery.

We believe that, in this digital age, it is possible not to have to go down the gallery route. We think

that by dealing direct with the client, or the client’s agent, we can sell our work at a price which

doesn’t have to reflect gallery rent, rates, heat, wages etc.

Once the choice of metal, textured surface, legs and size has been agreed with the client, we then

issue a pro forma invoice. A 50% non-refundable deposit against the pro forma invoice is required to

secure an estimated delivery date. At this stage, we would also need a delivery address to get a

quote from our nominated freight carrier.

Once the piece is finished and crated, the 50% balance plus the delivery charge is payable prior to