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Currently living in N. Ireland, David Weale was born in Zambia, brought up in Co. Cork and graduated

from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Philosophy.

An International sportsman, he is probably unique in having won the Ladies Challenge Plate at

Henley Regatta and the Archie David Trophy at Guards, arguably the hardest tournament to win in

English polo.

His career path has been extremely varied, ranging from Commodity Broking on the London Metal

Exchange, pioneering an innovative engineering concept within the UK Distribution Industry,

establishing and developing a call centre employing 250 people, designing a Fast Food concept to

importing Classical French Furniture into Ireland.

His love of Africa, engineering background and eye for Interior Design has inspired him to this

current project – namely to design and make, initially, console and occasional tables which fall under

the category of Functional Art. The table tops are finished in a variety of metals with textured

surfaces to resemble the skins of exotic animals found in Africa. Patinas can be applied artistically to

metals with a copper content which, complimented with the unique serpent style table legs, creates

the look of some of the colours found in African snake skins like the Gabon viper or Green Mamba

for example.

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