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The patinas we use are traditional and vista patinas which both contain acids, and are used with

copper and alloys containing a copper content as well as rust over iron.

Patinas are either applied to a surface heated by a torch gun which opens up the metal’s pores and

speeds up the chemical reaction time, or by “cold process” where the acid is applied and the

reaction time is typically 24 hours. Depending upon the level of reaction with the metal, a 2 nd

application of acid may be required to achieve the desired effect.

Due to the method of construction of our table tops, heating the surface is not an option.

The colour palette for the traditional patinas we use are:


Powder blue

Light green

Tiffany Green

(an old formula developed by Tiffany in the 19 th century for their copper lamp bases)

Vista patinas contain oxides as well acids and are designed to give a unique patina colour. When

applied, the acid combination creates a two part, marbleized effect of a green patina plus the vista

colour of yellow, red or blue.


Light Green



Tiffany Green

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