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The problem with conventional sealers is that they are made from large molecule organic polymers

that sit on the surface as a topical coating, and which degrade in ultraviolet sunlight.

The Halo Nano sealer we use is made with nano – composite inorganic particles that are bonded

with a small proportion of polymers in covalent molecular bonds ( the strongest of all chemical

bonds ), creating an extremely hard and durable surface.

Nano particles are extremely small. There are 25 billion nano metres in a metre, or 25 million in a


The mix ratio of a large proportion of nano composites and small proportion of polymers is made

possible through a controlled chemical process in a reactor.

The small molecular structure coats the microscopic pores of the textured metal surface in a way not

possible with traditional sealers. This significantly increased surface contact area gives unsurpassed

adhesion, and a virtually impenetrable barrier of protection.

In Taber Abrasive tests, Halo scored 39:11, which means it’s tougher than granite.

With less than 100g / L VOC, it outperforms the most stringent Air Quality Controls in the USA.

Halo’s formulation follows the American EPA’s 12 Steps of Green Chemistry, and is also measured as

being carcinogen free under current Californian Legislation.

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